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We understand small business,

         its challenges, and its opportunities.





• State of the art Web Advertising Technology

• Simple pricing structures that work for small business

• Personal customer service, from your own personal rep

• Bonus packages include print, web and retargeting!


We know how hard you work. You deserve a break. Wouldn’t it

be nice if you could just get some sort of an edge, a magical way

to know exactly how to spend those hard earned marketing

dollars, so you could get your ads in front of the eyes (or ears) of

eager buyers?

What would it be worth to you if I told you we could deliver ads

on some of the biggest, best websites in the country, to local people,

just for you? What if I told you we could also pick and choose

the people in your area who are online searching for what you


There’s a brand new way to reach advertisers based on what

they’ve been searching for. When we found out, we just wanted

to be sure small businesses could get in on the action too.

It is all done using national data; data collected by loads of the

biggest websites in the country. We’ve gained access and we are

sharing the opportunity with small buinesses by formulating

affordable packages that make sense in smaller markets.

We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and we

really think we can help your business with our powerful marketing

plan. It’s the most personal marketing out there.